Straight lines are practical and fast. Curves are mysterious and surprising.
Curves are the choice for people eager to discover, for whom a linear approach is not enough. By following the curves of the female body, we have chosen to exalt them and make them the key feature of our garments.
For us it’s not just a question of a passing fad but more of doing justice to an ideal of female beauty which naturally surprises, gently embracing the fabrics and no longer hiding the figure behind clothes which conceal instead of revealing and enhancing it.
It’s with this clear vision that we have created More by Siste's, a project encompassing all our passion for women who, with elegance and style, make such a striking impression with their gentle, soft curves.
A project we launched over ten years ago, back in 2007, a challenge in the world of traditional fashion.
A challenge we’re winning, day after day, dress after dress.

MoreSistes azienda